Greenbush Cookbooks
by... Catherine Murray

Italian immigrants began to settle in Madison, Wisconsin at the turn of the century in an area called Greenbush. Grapevines and gardens were planted and soon, a neighborhood was established in the ten block triangle referred to as "Little Italy'", "Little Sicily", or more affectionately, the "Bush." In 1960, an urban renewal plan called the "Triangle Project" destroyed the entire neighborhood, leaving behind only the roots of the grapevines, and touching memories.

One of the true common experiences in life is food. We think about it at least three times a day and relish the pleasures of its aromas and flavors at home, while dining out, picnics in the park, or on the run. But no one celebrates this combination more than Italians! It's Mangia! Mangia! and enjoy, every single waking moment of every single day of the week. And how better to preserve what we remember from the past and the neighborhoods that held together the Italian immigrants and their families than through a cookbook.

Catherine Tripalin Murray has done exactly that. She has written three cookbooks of recipes and memories of the Old Greenbush Neighborhood. Turn back the pages of time, and find out why these books have stirred emotion in all who have read them. Click on the menu selection above to find out more about Catherine Tripalin Murray, her cookbooks and to order one or more of her award winning cookbooks.


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Greenbush Cookbooks

"...Catherine Tripalin Muray brings to life a slice of the Old Madison. Her work is evocative and so hauntingly powerful. Most organizations would have settled for the usual ring-bound cookbook of neighborhood recipes. Any other writer but Murray would have given it to them."

the late George Vukelich, author and contributing Editor, Isthmus Publications